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Yomi (嘉) is a familiar of Woglinde.


Yomi is a small familiar with large black ears and a small tail similar to a husk's in appearance. He wears a black cloak and has tiny fangs.


Yomi takes great pride in his role as a familiar. He is a trickster and delights himself on causing mischief for Liselotte's household, calling it the "Witch's Calamity". He enjoys teasing the twins and making their chores more difficult.





He does not like her soup, and often tries to cause a mess with her chores.


Although he enjoys teasing and scaring Alto, Yomi was fond enough of him to fetch his medicine from the doctor when he was sick.


He is intimidated by Engetsu when Engetsu tells Yomi not to harm Liselotte or any of the other residents. When he is teasing a sick Alto, he makes sure to clarify as such when he sees Engetsu enter the room, frightened by him.


  • He makes his first appearance in Chapter 3.
  • The author noted that she felt that Yomi was getting smaller and smaller with every drawing of him.