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Woglinde is the Witch of the Forest on the Frontier. She is very powerful and all of the witches hold her in a high regard.


Woglinde has long wavy hair that reaches down to her knees. She wears a bow in her hair and a bow tie in the collar on her neck. Her clothing is lined with fringe and socks lined with crossed laces. She is the shortest witch and appears to be a child, although her actual age is unknown.


Not much about Woglinde is known in regards to her personality. She first greets Liselotte cordially, calling her "Neighbour" and the appearance of her short hair a "prank".




Over 100 years ago, Woglinde took in Hilde, who was then a human woman. After agreeing to turn Hilde into a witch, Woglinde became a mentor to Hilde. The two seem to be fairly close, with Hilde calling her “Woglinde-oneesama.”