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"It's just that if I don't devote myself to improving, that's the same as giving up!!" ― Liselotte to Engetsu in Vol.5

Liselotte Berenk (リーゼロッテ・ベーレンク, Rīzerotte・Beerenku) is the main protagonist of Liselotte & Witch's Forest.


Liselotte is of average height and stature. She is often wearing a dress on top of her blouse. Her long blonde hair reaches below her waist and is one of her most recognizable features. She has bangs in the front and two braids tied with ribbon on both sides of her profile. Whenever she is doing work, her hair is put into a ponytail.

After Chapter 13, her hair is cut short.


Liselotte is an upbeat and determined girl, who is always ready to take action. She is very friendly and has a big initiative, always taking the lead. Most of her ideas are seen as outlandish and moronic by others, yet whatever she does, usually comes from the right place. She is also very accepting, both of other people and of whatever circumstances she is in.

She can be selfish and egotistical at points, but has a kind and considerate heart. Once Engetsu gets hurt and is back to being a soul-less doll Liselotte is willing to give up anything to have him back, including cutting her hair and giving up her voice and eyes. She refuses to let Eiche have him, even after they offer to heal him, because she doesn't want to let someone else have him.


Liselotte grew up confined in her house, limited to a few rooms. She was unable to leave, and couldn't see festivals held. Her older brother, and friend Enrich were able to keep her company. She especially enjoyed the company of Enrich, and wanted to hang out with him often.

One day her brother Richard sent an assassin to assassinate her, and she was able to escape safely thanks to Enrich, but he suffered very bad wounds so Liselotte put him on a boat along with her pendant necklace so that he could get to safety. After that, Liselotte was very depressed and had lost her cheerful attitude. At that time Alto and Anna were assigned to be her servants. One day she was given the choice to be executed or to be exiled, and she chose to be exiled with only Alto and Anna to keep her company. This choice made her very happy, and she decided to try and create a life worth living.


Liselotte lives in the east of the east of the east with her servants Alto and Anna. She was exiled there by her brother Richard, although she believes he did that out of kindness and wanting to protect her.

She was taken in by Lord Klaus Bernek when she was a child, and she never knew her mother. For most of her childhood she was confined to a few rooms in her house with only Richard and Enrich to keep her company, but she was happy. She was later almost assassinated by Wilhel, but Enrich protected her and got very injured. Later she was exiled to the east of the east of the east where she lives now. During her time in exile she has gotten to know Engetsu, one of Vartelinde's dolls who was previously Enrich. She has also gotten to know some witches and witch familiars such as Yomi, Hilde and Myrte, Vergue, and Woglinde.


Alto and Anna[]

Alto and Anna are Liselotte's servants. They were introduced to her after she was almost assassinated and Enrich was gone. At the time she was very depressed and quiet, almost never speaking. According to the twins, she was like a doll with empty eyes who stayed in one room all day. Once she was given the choice to be exiled or executed, she chose to be exiled and Alto and Anna went with her. This is when they found out she was actually very cheerful and energetic, and sometimes impractical. She never treats Alto and Anna like servants, and she sees them like family instead. They both love her and care about her a lot, and she feels the same about them.

Enrich and Engetsu[]

Enrich was a mysterious boy who showed up as a servant for Liselotte one day when she was a child. Liselotte loved him and spent a lot of time with him, and he treated her very kindly. When Wilhel the assassin showed up to kill Liselotte, Enrich protected her at the cost of his own life. Liselotte was very worried and shaken by that situation, and she put the very injured Enrich on a boat that sent him down a river, where he was taken in by Vartelinde to become a doll. He then slept for two years and was renamed Engetsu.

Liselotte first met Engetsu when he saved her from a witch (Hilde), and he passed out. She then took him home and they lived together with Alto and Anna after that. Liselotte came to find out he was actually Enrich, and she was very happy. But then an assasin came to try and kill Liselotte again, and Engetsu was once more hurt while trying to protect her. Liselotte then begged the Eiche tree to save him, and it agreed to heal him in exchange for all his memories of Liselotte. When he woke up, he had no memory of her and he seemed to be a totally different person. Liselotte was not discouraged by this, and instead she took it as an opportunity to get to know the real Engetsu.


  • Her long blonde hair is one of her distinguishing features, and both Richard and Enrich said they thought it was beautiful