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Hilde is one of the supporting and reoccurring characters of Liselotte & Witch's Forest.


Hilde is a witch with very long black hair and black eyes. She has fair skin, and often wears her hair in two long braids. She tends to wear all black dresses covered with hand-sewn frills and ribbons.


Hilde is first assumed to be a harmful witch who wants to scare others, but she is actually quite timid and insecure about her abilities to scare others. She is easily moved to tears, and has a sensitive heart. She can be quite skittish and worrisome, but finds joy in the small things like hand stitching frills onto clothing. She is also shown to be kind, even when it comes to people she’s afraid of, such as Vergue.


Hilde was originally a human, but she lost the place where she belonged in the human world and was taken in by Woglinde to become a witch. She had to offer something to Woglinde in return, but her offering remains a mystery.




Hilde is grateful to Liselotte for being taking her in and is happy when Liselotte compliments her, noting that she was really scared when Hilde first appeared before her.


Hilde was taken in by Woglinde sometime around 100 years before her character was first introduced. After turning Hilde into a witch, Woglinde became a mentor to her. Hilde greatly respects Woglinde, and calls her “Woglinde-oneesama.”


Hilde’s skittish nature makes her afraid of Vergue, who is prone to angry outbursts. The two frequently clash, as Vergue doesn’t have much respect for Hilde because of her friendly attitude, especially towards humans.