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Enrich (淵月) is one of main characters of Liselotte & Witch's Forest.



Because of Enrich’s position as a servant, he often plays a passive role whenever Liselotte approaches him with something, often putting her needs first. When it was Liselotte’s birthday, she invited him to a special meal and asked him what his favourite food was. He replied “Frikadeller”, which was the same as Liselotte, heavily implying he only picked it in order to make her happy.  


Not much is known about Enrich’s past before Richard brought him home to Liselotte. Right from the beginning of the story, he seems to have always been by Liselotte’s side, and doesn’t like to bring up what happened before his time with her.

Enrich was a servant to Richard and by extension, Liselotte, however, the two boys were best friends, and often competed in different feats of physical and mental strength; Enrich teasing Richard whenever he didn’t act “proper” enough. It was only in a duel over Richard did Enrich gain the ability to call Liselotte by her nickname "Liz".